RJ100RJ100 Connector Insertion Cycler

The RJ100 Connector Cycler is a standalone universal pneumatic fixture that inserts and retracts a connector into a receptacle for reliability testing purposes. The cycler features an operator’s interface via LCD display and integrated rotary knob/button control. The fixture’s generic mechanical/electrical interfaces permit it to handle nearly all connectors when used with connector-specific nests.

The RJ100 Connector Cycler is intended to be used with a standard aluminum optical breadboard for mounting the device under test. Stackability hardware is available to enable many test fixtures in a small space.

The fixture does not require PC support, but its integrated webserver permits access to test data files via Ethernet interface.

CPVTestSuiteCPV Test Suite

The CPV Test Suite is a turnkey test solution that enables complete concentrated photovoltaic module performance characterization. The CPV Test Suite performs dark and illuminated I-V measurement as well as acceptance angle characterization.

The CPV Test Suite was designed with ease of use in mind. Data collection, analysis, reporting and organization are all performed quickly and effortlessly.