RJ100 Connector Insertion Cycler

RJ100 Connector CyclerRJ100 Connector Insertion Cycler

The RJ100 Connector Cycler is a standalone universal pneumatic fixture that inserts and retracts a connector into a receptacle for reliability testing purposes.  The cycler features an operator’s interface via LCD display and integrated rotary knob/button control.  The fixture’s generic mechanical/electrical interfaces permit it to handle nearly all connectors when used with connector-specific nests.

The RJ100 Connector Cycler is intended to be used with a standard aluminum optical breadboard for mounting the device under test.  Stackability hardware is available to enable many test fixtures in a small space.

The fixture does not require PC support, but its integrated webserver permits access to test data files via Ethernet interface.


  • Hardware interfaces: metric (inch version also available)


  • Total travel (insertion depth plus retraction clearance): 15mm (0.59″)
  • Insertion force range: 5 – 55N (1.1 – 12.3lbf)
  • Retraction force range: 4 – 46N (0.9 – 10.3 lbf)
  • Alignment adjustment range: ±1mm (±0.040″)


The RJ100 Connector Cycler has 24 digital inputs for monitoring whether the electrical connections have been made during each connector insertion. As the pinouts for each connector design will vary, a custom adapter board may be required to monitor electrical connection/disconnection.


The RJ100 cycler features an emergency stop button which cuts pressure to the cylinder and aborts the test in progress.

System Requirements

  • Climate controlled lab environment
  • Sufficient floor/desk space
  • Up to 0.8MPa (120psi) shop air
  • 110-220VAC 50/60Hz power


The RJ100 Connector Cycler is available with the following options:

  • Individual pressure control – enables the insertion and retraction force to be adjusted via operator interface.
  • Force sensor feedback module – enables measuring of peak insertion and retraction force during cycling.

For more information or to obtain a quote for the RJ100 Connector Cycler, please contact us.