Exdapter Product Launch

Surya Design, LLC is excited to announce the launch of the Exdapter series of industrial electrical adapters.  These adapters reduce your system assembly time by 95% or more while improving reliability and consistency.  They also save you time by obviating the need to cross reference pinouts on your equipment datasheets--they just plug and play.  Exdapter adapters can be deployed in the field with a screwdriver at most--compared to a dozen tools necessary for manual installation of a connector. As there are nearly an infinite number of combinations of possible adapters, Surya Design is focusing on those with immediate customer need.  These adapters can be designed, fabricated, assembled, and shipped out in as little as 3 business days.  If you don't see an Exdapter for your specific application, contact us for a quote. Work smarter, not harder, with the Exdapter industrial electrical adapters.

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