CPV Test Suite

The CPV Test Suite is a turnkey test solution that enables complete concentrated photovoltaic module performance characterization. The CPV Test Suite performs dark and illuminated I-V measurement as well as acceptance angle characterization. The CPV Test Suite was designed with ease of use in mind. Data collection, analysis, reporting and organization are all performed quickly and effortlessly. The CPV Test Suite features real-time data acquisition throughout the I-V sweep, translation of I-V curves to preset or user-defined standard test conditions, I-V parameter extraction, and side-by-side testing of modules (as required by IEC 62108). The CPV Test Suite includes a source-meter unit, data acquisition hardware, normal incidence pyrheliometer, pyranometer, thermocouples, azimuth and elevation sensors, kelvin (4-point) probes, and an anemometer.  A mobile test cart with precision manual tracker is available as well.

The CPV Test Suite was developed in partnership with ZoJo Software.

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